Frozen Sweet Corn

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Vimo Foods is a premier trader, supplier, and exporter of Frozen Sweet Corn. Sweet corn is stacked with lutein and zeaxanthin, two phytochemicals that advance the healthy vision.

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Other than assisting with weight reduction, the insoluble fiber in corn encourages great microscopic organisms in your gut, which helps in digestion and helps keep you customary. Toss in an amount measure of B nutrients, in addition to iron, protein, and potassium, and you have one sweet bundle. We use tamper-proof packaging.


• Delays Aging Process
• Enhances Skin Texture
• Removes Facial Acne Scars
• Enhances Blood Circulation in the Scalp
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Improves Vision
• Prevents Diabetes
• Improves Digestion

Bulk Packing HDPE Bag

30 kg

Bulk Packing Corrugated Box

10 kg

Customized Packing

1kg | 500gm | 400gm

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