Frozen Papaya Dice

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Vimo Foods is a premier supplier and exporter of frozen papaya dice. Bright orange fruit with a very sweet and fleshy inside part, when fully ripe. The majestic powerhouse of nutrients, it is a must-have of people with nutrient deficiency.

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It has the ability to control the ratio of “bad” LDL to “good” HDL cholesterol in the blood system. The anti-cancerous activity makes it a remedy for all age groups.


• Get back to good digestive stomach system
• Perfect guide for glowing skin
• Prevents many types of cancer
• Responds well to biological changes of hormones
• Prevents wrinkling of face
• Regulates heart health
• Delicious and stops mouth ulcers

Bulk Packing Corrugated Box

10 kg

Customized Packing

1kg | 500gm | 400gm


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