Cancellation policy:


It is advisable that you know that once you have placed an order, our employees process your order as fast as possible. Once packed the order is in line for delivery. Hence, orders once placed and amount paid, will NOT be cancelled. We may, with our discretion, can postpone your order, on condition that you update us in time and logistically we are in control to do so.

Return Policy:

Vimo Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a website operated by traders, many products available are perishable. Fresh fruits cannot be stored beyond a duration .Hence any return of a product to destroy the quality of the product.
Thus we don’t accept returns, for every products. On exceptional cases when you receive damaged, crushed, squeezed packing, we return the shipment, if you give a call to us, when such a shipment come to you.

Replacement Policy:

It is unfortunate if products become bad, we give active replacement, in specific cases. Rotten Fruits: Fruits that look perfect on first look but are rotten from inside. . If you get such fruits, we replace them, if you inform us via call or email within 6 hours of receiving such shipments. Damaged fruits: In rare situations, products reach to you in damaged condition, because the packing is damaged. , Such a case give us a call or email within 6 hours of receiving such shipment.

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